Monday, October 6, 2008

Where the heck did he go????

Nothing like guilt to get you off your duff and post! I was reading Velvetinna's blog and realized that she had linked to this one....."AHHHHH! THERE"S NOTHING THERE!"....So I am LOL!!

So..what's been happening lately? Well.....I've been knitting and spinning. What! You say? Knitting????!!!

For years now our friend Marisol has asked me to put some of my finished pieces in her Picture This Art Gallery & Custom Framing store. I did and the sales have been great! Special orders are coming in and taking a lot of my time! Since I ride the train to and from work it gives me almost 2 hours of knitting each way. I've been selling yarn and fiber for my favorite source Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool Co. ... the ladies here are fiber fanatics like us!! Their colors (both natural and hand dyed are incredible. Thier spinning fiber is already pre-drafted! Flies out of your fingers. I just recently (June) started back spinning and am still not even close to consistent yarn....but enjoying it! I'll do my best to stay current here.

My apologies to all who stop by to check on my ramblings!

Until next time......knit on!

added 10/13/08......Above links have been repaired...sorry and thanks to Auntie Pita for showing me the error of my ways....again!!

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