Saturday, July 12, 2008

What is the date????

As a person working in an accounting office of a retail store, I am always amazed at how time flies! "Time to do payroll AGAIN"? "Month end reports THIS weekend?"......"I last blogged WHEN?"!!!!

A lot has happened since I last was here. I received a shipment from my new friend Joyce two wonderful skeins of her hand dyed yarn in the Judea coloway and a bump of top to play with! All tied up in the bag with a piece of her hand dyed ribbon!!! Take a moment and go see her site! Her artwork is as amazing as her fibers! You haven't gone yet? !!

I've completed several pairs of socks for the 52Pair Plunge II on Ravelry. This past week I did a sock from two different pairs as I'm taking the train to work and there are just some days there is NO way I can follow a pattern no matter how simple the repeat is!!! The yellow/green/blue is more vibrant than it appears here! The brown one is alpaca and I can't wait to finish the second one this week!! Those are NOT going to be up for sale!!!

On the business side of things, I've been working with my sister trying to promote the yarn and fiber at her 'job'. I put it in quotes because she has to slave away playing with fiber...processing it and helping to dye and sell while looking out at the sheep in the pastures! Don't you feel sorry for her??? LOL!

Ok....I'll try to get on more this back to work!!!

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Charles said...

I saw your profile at Raverly site..Just wanna say great knitting blog also love the socks your working.

And I have a knitting blog also, came and visit me too!