Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Class Pictures

Hello! It's been a few days but I finally have time off and took a few moments to download the pictures from Abraham's phone from Saturday's Learn to Knit Workshop.
This is Marisol, our hostess and friend.
She has a unique way of holding the needles! She would NOT let me change her hand position!! LOL!!
That's her sitting with her friend Sara...a funny, warm person who was determined to do it RIGHT! Don't know know how many times she took her knitting out and started over!!!
This is (from left to right) Patty, Lorena helping Carrie. Three friends who took the workshop together to spend some 'girl time'. Giving Marisol the idea (did I mention that Marisol likes to make things happen?) ....Marisol's idea is that I should start doing home parties!!! I'll keep you posted on how this pans out!!
This is my buddy Geanine who I thought was a pity registration! Figured she was helping out her friend....well...when she was having difficulty, I joked that I would have her scarf done for her on Monday. She got VERY uppity as she told me SHE would do her OWN scarf!!
The class was held at Marisol's gallery and the paintings you can see are from her current show "'Casualites of War".

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Velvet said...

Jamie, once again, let me say "Soooo coool!"

Don't you just love converting noobies???? I do :)