Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Does he ever blog?

Hello! The answer to that question is when I make the time and always right after reading my friend Velvet's blog http://atyarnsend.blogspot.com/! The woman is amazing! She can pack more spinning, dying and LIVING in one day then most do in a week!! Work has been crazy...as you may remember I work in the accounting office of a retail location in Beverly Hills.....so needless to say...holiday time is pretty much working long hours....riding home on the train and bus....grabbing a few bites, trying to have a conversation with Abraham then bed then doing it all again!

This season I had several hand knit orders to fill...some got filled...some didn't!! LOL! Thankfully I have the best clients in the world! "That's okay! I'll give it as a New years present!"

So....today I paid for my Christmas present to myself.....with Abraham's reluctant blessing! I bought myself a Mach 1 spinning wheel made by http://www.spinolutions.com/ from Janice of http://janicerosema.blogspot.com/ . Her Etsy store is http://www.janicerosema.etsy.com/


Velvet said...

Oh, I am sooooo jealous of your new wheel! Now you need to find time to fit in all that glorious spinning...hmmm, what about 1am - 3am? Doable, you think?

I miss you guys and can't wait to get together for dimsum next weekend. Have a happy happy holidays to you and Abraham!

I am still envious of your wheel...but I am sooooo HAPPY for your present! Can't wait till you tell me all about it next week!

MarieT said...

Very nice. You're on the slippery slope. Next comes the purchase of small fur-bearing animals. How does Abraham feel about rabbits?
We missed Abraham last night at the ATS meeting. We had visitors from London, and the barista made mini-cheesecakes for us. Yum. We missed you too.
See you Sunday at dim sum!

CraftyDiversions said...

OOh! Lovely wheel! I *heart* Janice! She is so nice and a fantastic fiber artist.