Sunday, June 8, 2008

A day late and a sock....and a bit short! it's going to be a weekly posting! I started last Saturday with the KAL (knit along) 52 Pair Plunge on Ravelry which is 1 pair of socks every week for a year!'s now Sunday and I'm at work sneaking in rounds on Sock #1 of Pair #1 of Week #1 on the first day of WEEK #2!!!!!! AHHH!!
I'm making it out of Flat Feet sock yarn is a machine knit flat of yarn that is then hand dyed. You actually knit unraveling the piece! Such fun and the mystery of how the pattern will work up is fun too! The sock pattern I'm using is Gentleman's Sock in Railway Stitch from KNITTING VINTAGE SOCKS. The pattern was a bit challanging and especially so when you factor in the time crunch! The patterns in this wonderful book are (as it says!) vintage patterns re-written for today's knitters! I've changed the pattern slightly by not continuing the pattern down the top of the foot as my feet are sensitive (diabetic neuropothy) and I figured it would work up faster! I have 3 socks to knit this week!!

I started riding the train to work as it's getting too expensive to drive the 30 miles each way to work with my 'cheapie' gas station now getting $4.45 for regular! My car requires high test...although I've been cheating and giving her the mid range! Shhhhh! The train gives me about and hour each way to knit undisturbed...well, most of the time!! Can't knit on the connecting bus runs due to the bumping but I'll work on that!

Other knitting news....our friend Mattie owns Picture This Framing and Art Gallery, a wonderful happy place where she (duh!) does picture framing but also hosts wonderful art shows promoting usually unknown artists. She's been after Abraham and I for years to bring our work in. I finally did and most of it sold!!! So, I've been working on getting more scarves done and a few other fun things! It was exciting last nite to go to an opening and watch people look at my work and tell me how much they liked it!! I even may have a gig next year demo-ing spinning/knitting at a local tourist attraction! One of the people in attendance books the 'talent'! Exciting isn't it!!

Well, as usual I'm posting this at work. So, better actually get some done!! Being a Sunday it's very slow today, giving me time to knit and say hello to all of you!! Thanks for the comments you've left!!! Amazing how many of you are reading this!!! Have a great week and do something that makes you smile!

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