Saturday, May 31, 2008

A whole week already?

Wow! A whole week has flown by and I'm back at work blogging. Sensing a pattern here?

So, I had three days off with the Memorial Day holiday. So I swore I would do nothing but fiber related projects for all three days!! Except for one outing for groceries and one outing to take a friend to our favorite Chinese buffet (Hi Sharone!).mmmm sushi! ..that's what I did....I knit and spun for 3 whole days!

Then back to work and home to knit some more! I worked on the test swatch for the Goddess Knits mystery stole KAL that I thought started on the 1st but actually starts on the 14th!

I also worked on the Voyager Stole KAL that I'm doing with Casey of Knitting At Night podcast fame. Love the podcast and I'm going slow on the KAL but enjoying it!
I also started and finished a last minute gift scarf for a co-worker and finished up a few other small things I had in the final stages... a sock....a scarf...a hat....of course found many others that I need to finish! When did I start all these projects??? LOL! I also did a few hours of spinning. I'm so out of practice I'm back to beginner status!

Tonite my bestest bud Margie will be over to do some fiber-ing and in the morning we will be taking her to our favorite Indian buffet (sensing a pattern here?) for brunch and back home for more knitting and spinning! Well back to work so I can afford more yarn!

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Minnesota Mazzio's said...

Okay just because I am sensing a pattern.. I am leaving this incase you blog at work