Sunday, February 22, 2009

A day spinning and laughing

Just wanted to stop by and make sure that I at least made an appearance! Life has once again gotten crazy. Hours cut at work-but still employed! Spinning to get better, knitting to make money....just like everyone....taking it day by day!
Yesterday I got to spend the day spinning with Janice Rosema our knew friend, one of my spinning mentors (with incredible hand painted fiber) and designer for Ozark Mountain Yarns....oh...and enabler of Spinolution wheels....She allowed me to try the Bee Traveler Wheel(allowed? Nah...I was there for 5 seconds before she had me spinning on it!). As I found with the Mach 1....the wheel is incredible!!! I HIGHLY recommend them!!!
Check out this months Belle Armoire magazine...they've published more Janice--this time concentrating on her Freeform Knitted Shawls!

Oh...did I mention...I was interviewed by Long Beach Magazine? Yep....they are doing an article about those that do "their grandmother's" craft and are trying to make a business of it!!
Speaking of my business....we will be having another Learn To Knit workshop soon....early March it looks like. May have to have more than one as I've got a waiting list!!! Can you believe it? Maybe I can tempt a few of my knitting buds to come sit in and assist? LOL! to get a dragon scarf finished I'm off to slave away and listen to my podcasts....

Be back soon with pictures and more ramblings!

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