Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jamie Who?

Just stopping by to add a photo of today's work project..... months ago my sister sent me this Shetland fiber that is a great cantalope color. A co-worker said that it was a bee-you-tee-ful color....hmphf!....So.....her office mates suggested I make her wedding dress for her....couldn't I have it done in a day or so? Wellllllll, for her wedding gift I am making her a Barbie wedding dress........I have grown very fond of this colorway! I've been asked to make a shawl for another co-worker who truly DOES love it!!!!
It was suggested by my buddy Geanine that I document my train stories.....I commute to work 2 hours daily (I really do love my job!) and this gives me lots of knitting time...sometimes I drop spindle on the train...I'm determined to get as good as I want to be at this spinning thing!
Every day I get some sort of reaction...usually positive...sometimes negative...... I share them with my office mates and now with you! Today I was working on the yarn in the picture. This small older Mexican lady worked her way up the aisle holding onto the grab bars as the train moved along. She stood in front of me and pointed at the spindle and then to herself! I asked "You spin?" She looked at me and smiled. I looked around for a Spanish speaking person eavesdropping...none! You'd think after almost 10 years with Abraham I'd have learned Spanish by now........anyway..... I pointed at the spindle and back to her. She nodded and with a big smile she held her hand about waist high indicating that she did as a child. I handed her the spindle and she handed it back with a bigger smile. I gave her a bit of the fiber and she stroked her cheek with it. She smiled again and got off the train. Not a bad way to start your day, huh????

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Dave said...

The fiber is nice, but that spindle is gorgeous! What kind is it?