Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't you love the mail?

Today at work I got a call from my friend Mariel in Customer Service to let me know that I had a package "and it's soft!". Packages arriving for me at work is not unusual...and the routine that follows is always fun!!! From the moment I walk into the store (our accounting office is down the block) sales associates announce the arrival of my package and ask what it is! I go downstairs to customer service where they want to know what it is.....I open and share...then walk up to the main floor and show and tell again...then once in my office I show and tell again...usually with Geanine trying on whatever came in to see if the color works with her skin tone!!!! Today I got my package from Wild Hare Fiber. I am going to attempt to keep up with a fiber study on Ravelry so I ordered some Coopsworth. I ordered Leprachan Tweed and Outrageous Orange!

Meanwhile I'm working on a pair of socks for my co-worker Geri. She pre-paid me yesterday in the hopes it will speed me up!!!! She had mentioned that she wanted another pair and I thought...hmmmm, Christmas will be easy this year! She was thinking...when is this man ever gonna make my durn socks????!!! LOL

The pattern is Cookie A's Monkey Socks.
I'm saving my pennies for her new book just out..
Sock Innovations.
Cookie A is an amazing sock designer!! Geri's socks are actually more purple than shown here...cell phone pics ya know!!! LOL!
Well, have to go close down the store so I can get on the train and hopefully finish the foot on sock #1 and start on #2 tomorrow!!!!
Thanks to all of you who are following my cool that ANYONE is!!! I'll try to be more interesting and post more often!!! Knit On!!!


Velvet said...

Those are some cool colors you got there, Jamie! Maybe when we get together soon, you can show and tell again :)

Sandy & the sheep said...

Velvet mentioned you and had to check out your blog! LOVE it- and I have sock envy. Of course could knit my own but my need for instant knitting gratification prevents too much sock knitting-sad huh? bwaaahahahahaha

mickey said...

love the blog yes you need to write more

Auntie Pita said...

Need to fix the link to just say

nice stuffies too!