Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friends, strangers, new wheels etc.

hello again....I know....I promised to post regularly and then didn't. Life is like that! I've learned to just take it as it comes! Work has been normally crazy at times. As most of you know I work for a high end retail store in Beverly Hills and although business is down our wonderful boss will not lay anyone off. He is an amazing man, running a company as it should be run...with heart.
Lets see...what's new....I have a new wheel! I bought the little sister of my Spinolution Mach 1 wheel "Mack-Daddy", The Traveling Bee. She doesn't have a name yet but she has my heart!
I HIGHLY recommend these wheels! I'll add more contact info and pictures in my next post. I just wanted to get this out there!
OH! While hanging out on Ravelry I came across an ad for the BEST KNITTING BAG EVER!

My words not theirs!!! The Nantucket Bag is great! I ordered one and got a call because the shipping info wasn't transferring. In the conversation with Jo Eaton (I'm so afraid I wrote her name down wrong)....we found out the company is in Maine where my parents are from, her new sales rep for the West Coast is a guy who wants to learn to knit and you can get FREE bags from the company just by helping them get the word out! I was planning on talking about the bag anyway but hey.....FREE?!! Mine is in the chocolate colorway!!!

What have I been knitting? Scarves!! Socks!!! And I've been SPINNING like a mad man!!! I have so much fiber at the house and keep getting more so I've decided to get off my tookus and get spinning! I've been trying to get a pair of socks done for Sock Wars on Ravelry. I must get a pair of socks knit and mailed to my 'victim' before my 'assassin' get mine to me! I have been humbled by this experience!! Proud of being able to knit a pair in a weekend....this pattern and yarn has broken me!! I've been working on Sock #1 for a week now!! Taken out the heel several times and re-knit it.......ugh! My victim is in England, my assassin is in Illinois. So....I'm knitting fast and furious!!! Wish me luck!

I also have made a new friend through Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Co. and my sister Mickey.
Pat Danco is an amazing artisan! I'm eagerly awaiting the first order of hand dyed sock yarn from her!! She will soon have her Etsy store stocked and I urge you to go over and get yours before she becomes like all the others on Raverly.....stuff sold out before you get a chance to see it! Her blog is .

Well, that's it for now!!! Drop me a line and let me know what you think!!! I'm truly trying to meet all my obligations but life has a way of reminding you that it's there and needs to be tended!!
Much love and big hugs to you all!! FIBER ON!



Velvet said...

Love your new wheel! It's been forever since we've gotten together!

Miss you!

Shiozaki Beach girls said...

Cool wheel! I'm intimidated but also fascinated at the same time. (eventually, I will try it)