Monday, March 23, 2009

Comments answered!

Thank you all so much for the kind words and comments left here and in my email box! Since I can't figure out how to leave comments for you individually, I'll share the answers here!!!!

Marie---that is indeed a walking wheel in the picture. [reminder to self to insert picture here!]Years ago my spinning buddy Margie told me of a friend who had made one and I of course needed to know more! I later purchased the wheel. I'm sad to report that he never made any more even though I begged and whined for a very long time! When the photographer came to take the pictures for the article I had my Ashford Joy out and my Mach 1...spun on the Joy and then the photographer spotted the old lady in the dining room..... I of course panicked thinking (do I remember HOW to spin on it!)...Picked up the fiber and just started...another reunion with an old friend that was LONG overdue. (Margie....we need to have a fiber day!)

Dave, I wish I could tell you the maker of my spindle. When I first started spinning I did a LOT of buying off of Ebay (remember when THAT was the place to buy and sell?!)....this is one of my favorite spindles. It was the one that I had my A-HA moment with..okay the first of many! I hadn't spun in way too long when I decided this was the year to spin or get off the distaff so to speak.....picked it up and felt llike I was being reunited with an old trusted friend. know what I think of your talent(s)! Thank you for your friendship and inspiration!!! when we going to get together and play????

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