Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ummm, excuses.....

But lot's of apologies! I've been meaning to get back to this for a while and even have met a few people online who are actually following me! Thank you!!!
So....I'm going to give you a brief update on what I've been doing, ideas that have been presented to me for other things to do and a lot of random pictures that I want to share.
I'm hoping to be better at posting more. I really enjoy sharing....just need to better manage my time! Hope the New Year finds you all in great health, spirit and creativity!!
So...last post was! Since then Abraham and I have celebrated our 10th year anniversary in December,

We had to say goodbye to one of our 'boys', Aloyisius ("Al") in January and are waiting for our home to sell so we can downsize and get an apartment which will free up more cash for the important things in life.....fiber!!!
Last night I started the Ravelympics which is a friendly competition started on the Ravelry site---a web location/community for knitters, spinners, crocheters to share ideas and information and just be! I've entered the spinning section. You cast on or start spinning during the opening ceremonies (if you could see thru the tears) and you are to finish (hopefully) at the closing ceremonies. I chose to start drop spindling some of the yarn for the Spin Off Anniversary Sweater....never mind that it's been in the stash since Fall 2001!!!! OMG! If you look closely you can see one of my favorite drop spindles. It's made of Lego parts!!
I'm selling these in my Etsy store. They are great!

I've been learning all I can from my friend and mentor Janice Rosema (she's gonna get me for posting this pic!) The hat is knit from handspun yarn and the shawl is one of her designs....I wore the hat
proudly proclaiming "I HAVE HAIR"!

We try to get together every Sunday we can for our spin-in at LisCat....the best LYS (Local Yarn Store) ever!!!
I've been knitting commission pieces....scarves, slippers, socks and have even started a spinning commission or two!
I still work at Gearys in the accounting office and still love my co-workers (most days!) and the company (again, most days!).
Janice and I are planning on getting a booth at the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival in October...a way for me to spend time with family and friends and for us to further expose the fiber world to Janice's amazing patterns and hand spun/dyed yarns and fiber! I'm kicking around an idea of one of my sister's to do an online knitting class/knit along!

I'm going to sign off now so that I can get back to knitting on two orders and a pair of socks for myself and get spinning on the sweater yarn!

I again thank you for stopping in and giving me your time. I do realize how special a gift that is and will do my best to honor that!!! Janice is feeling a bit under the weather so I want to send her a big hug and another one to Margie who is enjoying the glow in the dark cast on her hand!
Love to all! Please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email....I am on facebook as fiberfreek and now that I have a Blackberry...I'm much more active there!!!!

Stay creative!!

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