Friday, February 19, 2010

Been a few days....or....YOU GOT A PACKAGE!

Here at work I get phone calls from Customer Service telling me "you have a's big/small.....feels like yarn/that stuff you make yarn/string from"...>Today I got...."You have a package....UPS....from your sister....big box!......
I bring the box back to my office and this is what happens:

When a package comes from Mickey and HVS&WCo... That’s Geri in the back telling me that this color goes REALLY well with THAT color. This from a lady that when I started here was polite but indifferent when a package came. In the box is Geanine….she ALWAYS loves the fiber and dives right in trying to find JUST the right color for her skin tone! She also HAS to sniff (more of a full face in the fiber snort) the fiber and smile……..


sillyewe said...

OMG am I jealous or what??? What a wonderful sister you must have. :0)

jennosaurus said...

i get most of my fibrey goodness delivered to my work too. it's great fun to open a nice woolly parcel in the middle of a boring workday isn't it? :)