Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fiberfreek Sends in Substitute for Ravelympics Flying Camel Spin Event

Yep...Had to put the sweater idea on hold.... Too much concentration needed to make sure my singles were consistent! So switched to my butterflygirldesign's "Blue Morpho" batt. Isn't it beautiful! It's even more rich in person! I'm using my Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle, a gift from my beloved friend and mentor Janice Rosema. The spindle is about 5.5" high! Ok...translation for you non fiber folk:...... I am spinning (not on a stationary bike) my own yarn from some fiber ...damn...still not clear to some...Ok....I am taking some sheep hair and bamboo fibers that a VERY talented lady butterflygirldesigns has prepared and dyed in some incredible colors--- I will spin the spindle and add twist to the fiber and make yarn. I couldn't continue with the sweater project because it has to be all the same all the way through so that it knits up evenly. The Blue Morpho will most likely be knit into a shawl or something. Even though it still needs to be consistent in thickness and doesn't have to be PERFECT!

At the same time I'm knitting a pair of socks from Ravelry's Iron Knitter....where we are to knit 5 pair of socks in a short amount of time....the group is already on pair #3...I'm starting pair #1. I don't think I'll be winning any awards! I'm also knitting a pair of Mary Jane's for a co-worker. More about that later when I have pictures and yarn info handy!

I promised to post more regularly. This is me trying!! Back to the knitting and spinning!

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