Friday, March 20, 2009

I've been published!

Yep, this month's issue of Long Beach (CA) magazine has a profile of myself and two other 'artisans' that are currently making an income (I am?) from their 'craft'. If you go to the magazine site and register, you can read the magazine online!!! I'll try to upload the article at some point! I'm very proud and thankful to all of my friends who keep reminding me that what I do has merit and value. I'm forever in your debt.......and that project you're waiting for.....I'm getting to it...REALLY!
Just wanted to add......links fixed...sorry about that!!


MarieT said...

Awesome - it's a great article. I love the wheel in your picture - is that a walking wheel? Congratulations!

Velvet said...

Wow! I'm in the presence of an artisan! That's one great article, Jamie! I'm so excited for you! Wow!