Monday, March 23, 2009

A start to finish project!

Well, FINALLY! I've completed a project, from spinning the singles, plying the yarn and knitting the scarf! I started Saturday morning at 6:30am....always up that early and figured that I'd sleep in...but couldn't!! Geanine had been waiting VERY patiently for her scarf! She asked for something made from the fiber as soon as we saw it popping from the over-stuffed box Mickey had sent me from Hudson Valley Sheep & Wool Co. I spun the Shetland fiber on my beloved Ashford Joy. This was the first wheel Abraham and I bought and she'll be with me forever! Here are a few pictures showing the progression of the yarn. I have only plied a few times before and usually with not to much success. Plying means taking several single strands of yarn and spinning in the opposite direction to twist them together to make a thicker/stronger yarn. A great friend has advised me to stop worrying so much about the technical and just jump in! MUCH more fun!!! LOL!'s the yarn being plied and one bobbin full of the plied yarn!

Here is the Potato Chip Scarf 1/2 done!

And here it is all done
and on the lovely Geanine!

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Dave said...

Great looking scarf!

Thanks for the info on the spindle. Another artisan fades into the darkness of time ......

HA! My word verification for the comment is "fringle". My new word for the day. :-)