Sunday, May 18, 2008

FINISHED Sock #1 Freestone Firecracker!

Finished the first Freestone Firecracker sock!
I made this one a tad roomier as I'm diabetic and never liked tight socks anyway!
The cuff was to be done in a size smaller needle than the sock. I did the whole sock with my
beloved KnitPicks Harmony wood dpn's (double pointed needle) size 3.
The toe is roomier as well. I normally decrease to a total of 16 stitches but this time decreased to 24. Much nicer! Finally I have the dreaded Kitchner stitch memorized! WOO HOO!
Sent a picture to Margie as she's the yarn pusher that showed me this yarn ... her reaction? "Sweet"! I have to agree! I wasn't thrilled with the black at first but it quickly grew on me and now I'm in love with how it patterned on the top of the foot! One of the many things I love about Royale Hare yarn is that it's not striping! Abraham is still of the opinion that hand knit socks wear out too fast. Of course has he ever worn one pair and the yarn wasn't the best. Don't remember the brand but I'm now challanged to make him a pair that will last!!!
Here is a picture of two of Abraham's cross stitch projects on my wall at work. He has amazing patience and his color work is inspiring! The cell phone picture does not do them justice. The larger piece is a very deep purple and bright orange, while the smaller piece is a very royal blue.

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