Sunday, May 11, 2008

A night out with my best friends!

Here is our oh-so-excited friend Gisel checking out my blog!
We were doing the monthly Downtown Long Beach (CA) Art Walk and found this great coffee house with free internet service! Gisel graciously bought drinks for Abraham and myself and agreed to become part of my blog! I'm going to start 'borrowing' some of the wonderful photographs she takes to share with everyone!
I'm at work again....just finished payroll and am taking a much deserved break! I'll get back to the paperwork in a minute! I also have to send out an email to my sister Valerie in New York. HI VALERIE!!!!! Haven't been that good with the communication and want to send her a link to this blog!

So...back to work....then home to get some knitting and spinning done!!! More on that later!
Have a great Mother's Day!!!

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