Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finished socks, more projects to start!

Here is the finished pair of socks! Got up at 5:45am with a NEED to get the toe done on sock #2!
Done by 6:30 with plenty of time to photograph them and get ready for work!
I'm now at work trying to get paperwork out of the way so I can work on my Voyager lace stole that others in my KAL group are 1/2 done with!!! I'm on row 2 of the first of 40 repeats!! AHHHHH!
My 52 Pair Plunge sock KAL and my Mystery shawl KAL start on June 1! Sorry...for those that don't know....KAL is Knit a long--online people knit same project. Mystery KAL's are where once a week (usually) a part of the pattern or chart are revealed. No one knows the final outcome. You have to KAL to find out what the finished project looks like! I've always wanted to do each of these and had to click on JOIN for each one!!!! The 52 pair plunge is one pair of socks per week for a year!!! Wish me luck!!!! Also this past week I finally put some of my finished work in our friends picture framing/art gallery and I sold some things!!! I even bartered a scarf before I left for some art for Abraham and I from an artist who brought in her goods while I was there for an upcoming show! I'll find out everyone's links and post them here later! Well, have to get back to work! Talk to you all later!